We are Marc and Charlotte, the builders and founders of The Thirsty Rooster. This adventure ready enterprise began as most great ideas do, when it was least expected.

Our outdoor spirits had led us across the country numerous times searching for that place that we could call home.  It sent us high to rock crags in remote mountains, fast on bike rides that plummeted down steep terrain,  and flowing down to sandy beaches with waves that rolled in from across the big pond. When we stumbled upon Durango, nestled in the San Juan Mountains, we knew that we had found a place to set roots.


A journey such as this cannot be possible without hard work. The combined two decades of experience in the hospitality industry has led us from busy saute lines, to late night cocktail lounges; from designing catering menus to serving fine hors d'oevres at wedding receptions. Our dedication to the local food economy and our environment has allowed us to feel the connection of planting seeds in the brisk days of springtime and harvesting crops in the waning light of fall. Unfortunately chances of growth don't often directly coincide with one's line of work, and once settled in Durango we determined it was time to blaze a path. A path paved by our passion for serving high quality drinks and service while facilitating a good time.

One afternoon after adventuring high in the San Juan Mountains we came upon a red vintage horse trailer sitting as proud as can be under shady pines overlooking the valley. As fate would have it, this trailer was looking for a new owner. Feeling the pioneer spirit of the Southwest surging through, we towed it home with us the very next day. It was the inspiration we had been waiting for, and we became focused on creating a trailer bar that could bring a shot of the Wild West to outdoor events.



Designs finalized over the next month and we took the first step of no return by cutting out a large serving window in the new trailer. There was no going back now as more technical projects ensued. More holes were cut, walls and floors pried apart with crowbars and hammers, split wood pieces, broken screws, countless trips to the lumber yard, and redesigns of the redesigns. There were many skills to be honed and landmark successes to be had along the way.


During this transformational journey, a name was born: The Thirsty Rooster.
Given that roosters are totems of good luck and prosperity, we hope to bring the same to your event.

It’s been an exciting adventure to create this trailer bar, and we are looking forward to sharing our love of a good party with you and your guests.

β€” Marc and Charlotte